Danwaire Foods Maize Grits (Brabiskon Masara) 1kg


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Danwaire Foods Maize Grits are made to perfection to deliver a satisfying nutritious meal that is tasty and delicious. We use only premium ingredients just to deliver the best to you. It is made with whole maize. It contains a good amount of Vitamin A & C, calcium and iron that is very good for the body.

How to cook
1. Wet the grits with clean water
2. Steam it for 10 minutes
3. Add little oil and water and you can also add spices or vegetables or your choice
4. Steam for another 10 minutes

Yadda Ake Dafawa
1. Yayyafa ruwa tsaftatacce akan brabuskon
2. Turarashi na minti goma
3. Azuba mai da dan rua kadan, sannan ana iya kara zuba kayan kamshi ko kuma ganyayyaki idan ana so


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Danwaire Foods Maize Grits (Brabiskon Masara) 1kg